1856 – Near the most Southern end of Argyle on the West side of the street, construction began on a firehouse to house the Axe Fire Company. A … [read more...]

With the development of the newly built highway 102 proposed to connect into the city via Bayers Rd, it was deemed necessary to add emergency coverag… [read more...]

On August 10, 1888, steps were taken to purchase a fourth steam fire engine[1], which would be housed in the old city market building[2] on the corne… [read more...]

1906 – On April 2nd 1904, the city purchased the property known as “The Little Fuel Yard” on the Southeast corner of Bedford Row an… [read more...]

On January 13, 1871, City Council passes a motion that reads: "Resolved that the Committee of City Property be requested to inform the Council a… [read more...]

Located on the East side of the intersection of Pleasant St (Now Barrington) and Inglis St. [read more...]

1891 – With new housing needed for the expanding hook and ladder companies, a station to cover the South End was required. The location chosen … [read more...]

1837 - Grand Parade Fire House was built and opened. The lower two stories housed three of the Union Engine Company’s manually drawn and hand p… [read more...]

1883 – As Halifax sprawled to the North along the peninsula the need for even more fire protection became necessary. Hose Station No 4 was buil… [read more...]

  Maynard Street, SFE#2 The need to have proper housing for the newly purchased steam fire engine “Albert” and a need for a de… [read more...]

1908 – Following much discussion about the exact location, the Southeast corner of Robie St and Morris St (now University Ave) was chosen as th… [read more...]

1877 – To further the protection of the South End, the Queen St station was constructed in the Fort Massey area and took on the number 6 and th… [read more...]

1884 – Halifax continued to grow, spreading West towards the Northwest Arm. With this growth it was decided that a station be built on the Sout… [read more...]

1859 – The Union Engine Company takes ownership of the newly constructed Spring Garden Rd Firehouse on the Northeast corner at Hastings. Known … [read more...]

Speaking of a period around 1780, Thomas B. Akin noted that "the Artillery Park was then kept on the Grand Parade; the Artillery Barracks stood … [read more...]

1896 – With the Maynard St firehouse nearing the end of its useable life the need for a new and updated station in the area became a priority. … [read more...]