Morris Street (now University Ave.)

Commissioned: 1908

Associated company: Halifax Fire Department

1908 – Following much discussion about the exact location, the Southeast corner of Robie St and Morris St (now University Ave) was chosen as the site for a station to replace the Queen St engine house. Firefighter/Engineer William Fidler was again asked to submit plans based on which the tender submitted by Geo B. Low of $17 616.00 was accepted to construct the last of the Halifax engine houses that would house horse drawn apparatus. At that time architect fees would be agreed upon at 2.5% of the contract cost paid upon completion of construction however the city felt that Fidler, already being paid as an Engineer for the department, was not entitled to the agreed upon amount. After intervention by the Chief stating that Fidler had done the design work in its entirety while off duty and that at no time were his duties as an engineer neglected, the City relented and paid him the full amount owed. On March 19, 1908 the construction was deemed to be complete and the doors were opened, as they remain open to this day. 

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