Grand Parade, U.E.C.

Commissioned: 1837

Decommissioned: 1871

Associated companies: Union Axe Fire Company , Union Engine Company

1837 - Grand Parade Fire House was built and opened. The lower two stories housed three of the Union Engine Company’s manually drawn and hand pumped engines with their hose as well as all the equipment of the Axe and Ladder Company. The upper story was reserved for the exclusive use of the firefighters, who, at their own expense, carpeted and furnished the spacious room and used it to host great gala events with “sumptuous dinners and glittering dances”. In 1844 members of the Sun Fire Company gifted a 417 lbs. bell to the city which was to be housed in the newly added cupola atop the station. The house remained in service until 1871 when it was replaced with the Brunswick St. house.

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