Queen Street, U.E.C. (April 15, 1878 - 1906)

Commissioned: 1878

Decommissioned: 1906

Associated companies: Halifax Fire Department , Union Engine Company

1877 – To further the protection of the South End, the Queen St station was constructed in the Fort Massey area and took on the number 6 and the name “Alma” after the hose cart stored there, not to be confused with the hand engine of the same name at the Spring Garden house. Housing the steam engine Chebucto, this station and her crew were well known for their heroism and service to the area including being first to respond to the devastating fire of 1882 that destroyed the Poor House at South and Robie and took 31 lives. The building remains today next to the Fort Massey Cemetery and is known as the Firehouse Apartments. The station remained operational until 1906.

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