Mr. Stark's store on Sackville Street caught fire on October 9, a little before 10:00 in the evening. The fire spread to the exposures on either … [read more...]

On December 17, 1816, a fire broke out, and altogether, thirteen or fourteen buildings were lost, the last one being pulled down to stop the fire. Th… [read more...]

January 9, 1817, John Ferguson’s chocolate “manufactory & dwelling house” burned down; Ferguson was a member of the Sun Fire Co… [read more...]

On Monday, September 17, 1821, at around two o’clock, after nearly two years without fires in the town of Halifax, disaster struck when a baker… [read more...]

At about 4:00 in the morning on Friday, January 4, 1828, Mrs. Miller’s house caught fire on Duke Street and it extended to structures on both s… [read more...]

A fire occurred on April 27, 1832; below is the related Acadian Recorder newspaper article, published the day after, on April 28: Fire - We have t… [read more...]

Via SaltWire, contributed by Leo J. Deveaux: "On New Year’s Eve, a fire swept through Hollis and Prince Streets in downtown Halifax, de… [read more...]

The Granville Street Fire September 9, 1859   Letter from the Board of Insurance Companies of Halifax addressed to City Council. Fro… [read more...]

August 21, 1893. Disastrous Conflagration William Stairs, Son & Morrow's Warehouse Destroyed. Surrounding Property in Imminent Dange… [read more...]