Several Other Properties Burned Loss: $185,000.00; Insurance loss: $95,000.00 300 People thrown out of employment It is so seldom that Halifax h… [read more...]

Cragg Fire January 12th 1912 12:45am   Box 4   It was contained within Barrington, George and Granville Streets. Thre total los… [read more...]

Conn and Martel's Bowling Academy and Mr Martel's apartment where Mr and Mrs Martel, their four children and their maid lived. No fatalities. [read more...]

On 10 April 1935, a fire completely destroyed the old wooden prison barracks. [read more...]

1939 The Queen Hotel Fire   On the morning of March 2nd, 1939, the night clerk employed by the Queen Hotel discov… [read more...]

During the night of April 30th 1943, fire ripped through the roughly 80 year old warehouse on Mitchell's Wharf causing extensive… [read more...]