1828 The Miller Fire

At about 4:00 in the morning on Friday, January 4, 1828, Mrs. Miller’s house caught fire on Duke Street and it extended to structures on both sides of the street. The wind was blowing from the North and there were fears that the whole block north of the Dalhousie College would be destroyed (the Dalhousie College was where the City Hall stands today). Three houses burned down completely, one was partly pulled down and partly burnt and another one was pulled down completely to stop the fire. Once again, the army and navy were commended for their efforts, but not a word was said about the town fire companies, although it was mentioned that the new engine performance was better than anticipated. A Dartmouth crew with their engine also crossed the harbour to lend a hand, which seems to be a first since a fire company was established there. Two weeks later, Mrs. Miller posted a notice in the local newspapers to thank everyone for their support.

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