1913 American LaFrance Pumper ~Patricia


Registration Number:  249

Sales Order:  45624

Shipped: 6/2/1913


Tender Accepted:


On October 1st, 1912, Halifax Council recommended the acceptance of the tender of American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company for a 700gallon motor fire engine at a price of $10,800.


The following resolution was submitted:


"That the tender of the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, of Elmira N.Y., for a 700-gallon motor driven triple combination pumping engine, as per specifications, be accepted, subject to said engine successfully undergoing the tests and requirements to the satisfaction of of the committee proposed in the Company's letter to the Chairman dated Oct. 1st,1912, attached to said specifications.


And that on final acceptance the sum of $10 800 be borrowed from any fund or funds available for the purpose to pay for said engine, and that a further amount of $500 or much thereof as may be necessary be borrowed from said funds for expenses incidental to the purchase of same."


Post Explosion Report From American LaFrance Fire Engine Co.:


January 5th, 1918, letter submitted to Council by Controller J.J. Hines on behalf of American LaFrance Fire Engine Co.


"Dear Sir:-


We unloaded the "Patricia" Friday morning and got it into the factory on Friday afternoon. We have gone over same very thoroughly, in fact, have taken off the Pump and Pump Transmission and taken the motor out and checked over the car as thoroughly as we possibly could.


Motor:  The motor we find, after taking down the lower half of the Crank Case and inspecting all the bearings, to be in good condition.


Piston: A new Piston with Piston Rings, will be necessary for the front cylinder, and after the valves have been re-ground we consider this will be in good order.


Crank Case A piece about a foot long and about four inches wide has been blown out of the side of the upper half of the Crank Case where it rested upon the frame.By making a three point suspension out of the motor by using our new design front bearing a new Crank Case will not be necessary. The motor would be supported the same as the motor in the "Cornwallis:, designed this particular way to take off any distortion or weave that might occur between the frame and the motor.




Ignition. These are all gone and new ones will be replaced.


Motor Lubrication, Is in good condition


Cooling System. This is entirely gone and a new Pump and piping will be necessary.


Clutch The present Clutch can be repaired.


Steering Gear. This is entirely gone and an entire new gear, wheel post and cross rods are necessary.


Transmission. This appears to be in good order.


Drive Chains. One new drive chain will be necessary.


Brakes. A new set of Radius Rods are necessary, also new brake linings.


Springs. These appear to be in good condition.


Wheels. One new right hand front wheel is necessary.


Tires. One new tire is required.


Axles. Appear to be in good condition


Frame. This can be repaired.


Tool Equipment. The equipment is practically gone, and a complete new equipment will be furnished.


Body It is impossible to use the old body and a new body will be furnished.


Steps. Steps are beyond repair and a new steps will be furnished. It also requires new step hangers.


Mud Guards. These are beyond repair and new Mud Guards will be furnished.


Pump. It will be necessary for us to express pump to Elmira so that gears may be properly machined and heads properly fitted, which will make the pump in good condition.


Gasoline Tanks. These were damaged beyond repair and we propose to furnish a new gasoline tank with gravity feed, same as on the "Cornwallis".


Lighting System.

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