1917 American LaFrance Pumper ~ Cornwallis


"Cornwallis" 1917 American LaFrance Pumper


Toronto, Ont., November 28, 1917.

Mr. L. Fred. Monaghan,

City Clerk, Halifax, N. S.


Dear Sir: —

Your letter of November 24th, to the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company, of Elmira, N. Y., has just reached our hands. In future, please address communications to this office as the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company of Canada, Ltd., is a separate organization from the company at Elmira.

In answer to your inquiry we would advise you that your Motor Pumping Engine will be shipped on Saturday and should be in Halifax by December 3rd.

American LaFrance Fire Engine Company. of Canada, Limited.

G. E. Thomas.


Source: Halifax Municipal Archives, Board of Control minutes of December 4, 1917, p. 583.

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