1877 Amoskeag Steamer "Lulan"



  • Purchased at a cost of roughly $4700 for the Town of New Glasgow in 1877 after two large fires in 1874 and 1875 destroyed much of the downtown of the community.
  • No 525, built by Manchester Locomotive Works, (previous to 1859 known as Amoskeg Locomotive Works) of Manchester New Hampshire in 1877
  • Second Class Double Plunger, Harp model.
  • Named “Lulan” after a local Mi’kmaq Chief from the area that died in 1827 at an age of approximately 97.
  • On the morning of the Halifax Explosion, December 6th, 1917, word was sent of the disaster to the Town of New Glasgow who immediately had the Lulan along with hose, other firefighting equipment and 19 volunteer members of their force loaded onto a flatdeck railcar and dispatched to Halifax. She was never put into service in Halifax as the threads on her fittings could not be adapted to Halifax’s equipment.

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